Just A Little More “Life In Fashion”

Love & Osker is an American apparel brand, founded in 2011 and re-launched in 2018 by artist, Sizzy Galore (formerly known as Derek DeAndre). L&O values people honors their past, and celebrates the stories that they have to tell. "The DNA of my design boasts the cleanliness and structure of my southern upbringing whilst incorporating the edge and determination from the places of which I’ve dreamed."

Sizzy Galore, “my genderless android alter-ego, is the personification of everything that I have withheld from myself and the world for my entire life. They allow me the latitude to have fluidity in how I interact with the world by way of fashion, art, and music. Sizzy–a play on the word sissy. Galore–meaning in abundance. The name in and of itself is a declaration of power over the insults that once plagued my confidence.”

Contact/Social Media

Sizzy Galore, Founder & Designer Instagram: @loveandosker | Personal - @sizzygalore

Facebook: facebook.com/loveandosker

Twitter: @loveandosker www.loveandosker.com